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MY WORKS as Hobby


CD2WAV32 for Windows95/98/NT4.0/2000/XP Free

CD-Ripper with ASPI,MSCDEX,WindowsNT NativeDriver,Windows PnP Driver
- Support Hispeed ON-THE-FLY Encoding with GOGO.DLL,LAME.EXE
- Support WAVE Encoding with ACM,WMA,Extended Encoder
- Support CDDB Internet Connection ,ID3Tag,CD-TEXT Database
Lastest version is Revision 3.21 Download NOW!


CD2WAV32(OLD) for Windows95/98/NT(3.51/4.0)/2000 Free
CD-Ripper - Ripping only version. This can be run on All 32bit Windows. And using resource amount is less than Rev.3.xx.
Lastest Rev2.xx is Revision 2.10 Download Now!


Digital CD Player for Windows 95/98/NT3.51,4.0/2000/XP Free
CD-Player with Digital Play!
- You can Enjoy Digital Play with no-support digital play OS(Windows95/NT) and no-support CD-ROM Drives.
- CD-TEXT format support (ANSI,ISO-8859-1,MS-JIS(DBCS) Character Codeset support)
- Remote control (Winamp frontend command like)
- Multi-Language(English/Japanese)
Lastest version is Revision 1.07 Download NOW!



USB Flash memory writer
USB-BUS-Powered Mobile NOR Flash memory-chip writer with ATMEL AVR Micro-computer AT90S4414 and OKI MSM60851 USB Controler
- Supports NOR Flash memory 1Mbit to 32MBit
- TSOP 48pin(Normal Forming) and DIP 32pin
- USB Bus powered
- 5.0V & 3.3V Device support
Circuit & Firmware & Control software & USB-WDM Driver Source codes
*Detail explanation is here(Japanese only)


MPROM - MP3 Player with ATAPI CD-ROM Drive
Player for MP3 Files on ISO9660 based CD-ROM media.
- Supports ISO9660 & Joliet formated media( It can display UNICODE-Kanji Chatacters with Joliet)
- Support MultiSession
- ID3Tag V1.1 with ShiftJIS Characters
- Large LCD Panel
- Save/Load configurations (into Flash-memory)
Circuit & Firmware & CPLD Abel logic code Source codes(Release2)
*Detail explanation is here(Japanese only)
USB Host Control for HID Devices By AVR Microcomputer
AVR Microcompur controled SMALLEST USB Host Device.
- Supports 1 HUB and 4 HID Devices
- AVR 90S8515 CPU Controled
- Lead/Aquaplus P/ECE Game Controler Proxy function
- Core parts is ScanLogic(Cypress) SL811HS USB Host Slave Controler
Circuit & Firmware Source codes
*Detail explanation is here(Japanese only)


Pictures(Japanimation,game,original Characters)
Color Pictures before 1996
Color Pictures after 1996
Monochrome Pictures(Painted by Zaurus and PocketViewer)


Writings(PerryRhodan(Germany SF) JAPANESE transration)

Informations of DOJIN-shi published on ComicMarket


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